5 Best Tips to Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Refresh Your Terrace Tips

Being in a lockdown taught us how to appreciate simple things: like spending free time outdoor and enjoying fresh air and nature. The summer BBQ season has already started or it will start very soon – depending where you live. I´m currently writing from south of Spain and the weather here starts to be very summer-like even though we are just in the beginning of May. I´m lucky enough to have a terrace where we can eat, sunbathe and enjoy the almost 30 Celcious degrees temperature. But of course, after almost 2 months of constant rain my terrace needs a deep clean and a small upgrade to fit into the new season.

outdoor furniture

Every outdoor space looks outdated and sometimes even depressing after winter time and the spring rains.  But all it needs to look and feel like a cosy space to be, is some new pieces of furniture, accessories and a bit of sunshine  J . Here are 5 tips for you to refresh and upgrade your terrace, garden and patio.

1.         Outdoor rugs

Now that it finally stopped raining it´s a good idea to add an exterior rug to your terrace space. First advantage of the outdoor rug is to cover the existing floor if – like in my case – it´s not in the best condition and it makes your outdoor space look outdated.

Another reason is to create the feeling of cosiness in your terrace or patio. An outdoor area rug defines the space and separates it from the rest of your garden. It makes the space looking and feeling warmer and more welcoming. You would usually put an outdoor rug in the area with your terrace sofa and coffee table – if you have some armchairs or poufs bring them closer to the sofa and make a mini outdoor living room.

Even if there will be rainy days, since the outdoor rugs are meant to be OUTDOOR they are very easy in maintenance and very resistant. 

Outdoor living

2.         Furniture

        In cold and rainy seasons or whenever we are not using our terrace or garden furniture for a longer while, we always recommend covering the furniture with special outdoor covers for extra protection. After autumn and winter the teak wood may loose some colour and the fabric may fade a bit from the sun.  It´s always a good idea to restore our furniture so we can enjoy them for longer. However, sometimes, can be too late for restoration and the only solution for a nice looking and cosy feeling outdoor space is to buy a few new pieces. Here are some of my personal favourite outdoor furniture from our Bloom & Wave collection perfect for garden, patio or terrace:

3.         Accessories

Candles, lanterns, pillows and throws are the best accessories if you want to crate that cosy, welcoming feeling at your terrace space. I personally love Zara Home for all the bits and bobs including plates, glasses and cutlery perfect for BBQs  and outdoor meals in your garden or terrace.

terrace furniture
terrace accessories

4.         Plants

        Yes, let´s not forget what the real outdoor living is all about, which is being closer to nature. No matter if it´s a garden space, terrace or patio, pots with plants will add extra life to the space. And of course the smell and look amazing! After planting some jasmine, lavender and herbs (or whatever other plants you like) just make sure they enough water, shade and sun and please…try to keep them alive!

terrace furniture 2
terrace idea

5.         Some extra oomph

      Just to make your outdoor space more personal and to add your style into it, it´s always good to add one original piece of furniture for that extra oomph. Remember that an eye-catcher can also be very functional and comfortable. Take a look at these pieces from Bloom & Wave which will make any space stand out:

In conclusion, to fully enjoy our outdoor space we need to first put some work into it, starting with cleaningJ. Refreshing cushions, adding rugs, new accessories and some hammock or two will transform your space and prepare it for the next seasons. You will definitely use your garden and terrace more this year than you did before- we do have many sunny days coming soon and also some more weeks in a lockdown…

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